Virtual hospital waiting rooms

Leigh-Anne, Alida and Stephen

The Heart and Lung Center of the hospital has integrated the KPN Healthcare Messenger into their EHR. Their reception staff can now enter new appointments into the EHR and create new group chats linked to these appointments, which can then function as a virtual waiting room.

In the EHR, they can now initiate multiple actions which will be passed through to the group chat. For example, they can now send the patient information about his / her condition or provide him / her with updates about the status of their appointment.

Stephen suffers from chronic bronchitis. Because he is also a smoker, his lung doctor, Alida, is helping him quit by means of a programme. He has an appointment for an e-consultation – Leigh-Anne, one of the receptionists at the Heart and Lung Center, uses the EHR to create a group chat for him.

The appointment and the group chat

Leigh-Anne enters Stephen’s appointment into his patient record in the EHR. This automatically creates a group chat in the messenger. This group chat contains a shared account linked to the EHR (to which Leigh-Anne and her co-workers have access) and the patient: Stephen.

The appointment and the group chat
patient healthcare chat at home

Stephen can access the chat at home

Stephen receives a notification in the messenger app, stating that he has been added to a new conversation. He can see that it is about the appointment for his e-consultation.

Sharing information and sending a reminder

Leigh-Anne clicks on a button in the EHR to directly share some standard documents in the group chat with Stephen: a document about e-consultations at the Heart and Lung Center and a brochure about the programme he follows. Stephen can now take his time reading these before the e-consultation. She also sends him a reminder for his appointment.

Alex requests remote assistance tablet
doctor joins virtual waiting room

Alida joins the conversation

When it is time to start the e-consultation, Leigh-Anne adds Alida to Stephen’s group chat. Alida receives a notification about this and can then start a video call with Stephen, using her work computer.

The e-consultation

Stephen sees that Alida has started a video call and participates using his smartphone. They discuss the programme and Stephen’s pitfalls. Alida provides him with the necessary tools and also sets a date and time for their next session, which she then notifies Leigh-Anne of by chat.

e-consultation healthcare video call
close group chat

Wrapping up

After the e-consultation has ended, Leigh-Anne removes Alida from the conversation. She generates a PDF for future reference and closes the group chat. Then she sets up the new appointment in the EHR.


Healthcare professional

  • Improved support by reception staff
  • Full control over start / end e-consultation
  • Only accessible to patients when necessary
  • Smooth workflow

Patient / client

  • Continuously informed
  • Quickly get in touch with healthcare provider or supporting staff
  • No / less waiting time
  • Positive client experience


  • More efficient employees
  • Innovative image
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Higher revenue
  • Cost-saving

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