Remote assistance for community nurses

Alex and Regina

Alex is a community nurse. He visits countless patients, to help them to care for themselves and to provide direct care whenever necessary. Regina is a general practitioner. She is often in contact with community nurses like Alex.

When Alex needs Regina’s input (for, for example, a second opinion or prescribing medication) he can use the KPN Healthcare Messenger to contact her by chat or to start a video call.

This works as follows.

Visiting Mr. Pollman

Alex is visiting Mr. Pollman, one of his regular patients. Mr. Pollman still lives at home, but he does require some assistance every now and then.

home visit community nurse
Measuring blood pressure

Measuring blood pressure

It has recently been determined that Mr Pollman’s blood pressure is high. Alex now helps him to check his blood pressure periodically, so they can establish a baseline. Once they have this baseline, Mr Pollman’s general practitioner, Regina, can prescribe the appropriate medication.

Alex requests remote assistance

Based on the average measurements, Alex now wants to discuss these measurements and the necessary medication with Regina. He sends her a message using his tablet.

Alex requests remote assistance tablet
general practitioner remote assistance

Regina responds by chat

Regina is in her office at the practice where she works. She sees Alex’ message on her computer and, seeing as she has a spare moment, she responds right away.

Alex starts a video call

Alex’ next appointment is quite soon, so to save time he starts a video call. This way, he can bring Regina up to speed without having to type out every detail.

start video call
remote assistance video call

Alex and Regina discuss the measurements

Regina and Alex can discuss things nice and quickly now. For future reference, Alex enters the blood pressure readings into the chat, then leaves the video call and goes on his way to his next patient.


Healthcare professional

  • Co-workers are more accessible
  • Less face-to-face meetings
  • No need to revisit patients too often
  • Smooth workflow

Patient / client

  • Fixed contact point
  • Quicker solutions to most problems
  • External specialists are more accessible


  • More efficient employees
  • Innovative image
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Higher revenue
  • Cost-saving

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