Collaboration with informal caregivers

How it all started

KPN, the largest telecom provider of the Netherlands, has served the Dutch healthcare market for many years now. They know the market very well and they noticed a gap in their product portfolio. While they already provided a communication solution in the form of secure mail, many organisations had a need for something more innovative: a messaging and video calling solution.

The platform to be acquired had to be an existing, user-friendly solution, developed in the Netherlands by a dependable partner. Alterdesk fit the bill.

Preparing to launch

Before launching the KPN Healthcare Messenger, we collaborated with KPN to ensure that their platform would meet all their needs. We prepared all of the apps in their colours and branding and discussed strategy with them to combine our expertise (communication technology) with theirs (healthcare) and ensure maximal success.

KPN healthcare messenger clients
KPN white label healthcare iPad

A fully integrated solution

KPN’s position within the Dutch healthcare market was a definite plus when it came to launching the KPN Healthcare Messenger. Together with KPN we also made sure that their existing email solution, which many Dutch healthcare organisations were already using, could be combined with the messenger for a fully integrated user experience. This heightened the acceptance rate and allowed KPN to present a combination of email and messaging as an all-round communication service.

A broad range of customers

The platform allows KPN to service the entire healthcare market: from hospitals to dentists and from mental healthcare institutions to community services providers.

Some of KPN’s current customers include:

KPN platform customers healthcare

Use cases

As it turned out, there are myriad ways in which a secure communication platform like the KPN Healthcare Messenger can be used to improve the workflow of healthcare professionals and the patient experience.

Discover some of the ways in which the KPN Healthcare Messenger can be used:

E-consultations in mental healthcare

E-consultations (by means of chat and video calls) are ideal for both the practitioner and the client. Save tons of time by conducting less physical appointments.

Community nurses stay connected

As a community nurse, you are often working on your own. Use a messenger to request assistance from other healthcare providers by chat or video call.

Virtual hospital waiting rooms

Integrating our platform with an EHR enables hospital staff to start communicating about future appointments straight from a patient’s medical record.

Remote assistance for paramedics

Paramedics who run into complex situations can now use smart glasses to get remote assistance from specialists at other locations.

Chat with your website visitors

Your website visitors can easily start a conversation with your webcare team or receptionist, using our secure web chat button.

Collaboration with informal caregivers

In order to provide clients with the best care, care workers need to be able to collaborate well with informal caregivers.

Your own platform?

Would you like to launch your very own whitelabel communication platform, much like KPN has done? Pop us a message, we would love to discuss your requirements!

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