E-consultations in mental healthcare

Peter and Olivia

Peter is a counselor at a mental health care institution. Olivia is one of his clients. She has been treated for anxiety-related issues for a few months now and has made a lot of progress. Even so, the trip to see Peter takes about one and a half hours…

Now that Olivia is doing so well, it is no longer necessary to do her check-ups at the institution or for Peter to visit her at home. Peter can now invite her for an e-consultation, using the KPN Healthcare Messenger. This saves both of them a lot of time.

They follow the steps below.

Set a date and time

Peter and Olivia were already using the messenger to exchange messages about upcoming appointments and to share files related to Olivia’s treatment. Now they can also use the messenger to make an appointment for the e-consultation.

E-consult smartphone
Share files

Share files

Before the e-consultation, Peter shares two files with Olivia: her updated treatment plan and an invitation to an event at the institution.

Starting the e-consultation

At the time of their appointment, Peter is in his office, behind his laptop. He starts the video call, using the desktop client of the messenger.

Starting the e-consultation laptop
Conduct e-consultation and wrap it up

Olivia joins the video call

Olivia receives a notification on her smartphone. She opens the app and clicks on the link to participate in the video call.

Conduct e-consultation and wrap it up

Peter and Olivia conduct their conversation and finish up after agreeing on a date for a follow-up appointment, which Peter enters in their conversation for future reference. He closes the e-consultation.

Conduct e-consultation and wrap it up


Healthcare professional

  • Save time on home visits
  • Full control over start / end e-consultation
  • External specialists are more accessible
  • Smooth workflow

Patient / client

  • Save travel time
  • Consultations are more accessible
  • Continuously informed
  • No / less waiting time
  • Positive client experience


  • More efficient employees
  • Innovative image
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Higher revenue
  • Cost-saving

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