Collaboration with informal caregivers

Diane, Asli, Bart and Paul

Asli is Diane’s care worker. She assists Diane with all kinds of daily tasks (such as washing, dressing and cleaning the house).

Paul is Diane’s brother and her informal caregiver. He lives close by and visits her every day. Asli and Paul agree that it is important to keep in touch about Diane’s care and any positive or negative developments. However, they sometimes miss each other.

Using the KPN Healthcare Messenger, they can easily keep one another up to date on the days they do not see each other at Diane’s. Also, the messenger enables Diane to stay informed about who will visit her and when.

This works as follows:

Asli visits Diane

After Asli arrives at Diane’s place, Diane tells her that Paul has already come by earlier that day. She also lets Asli know that she has been having trouble reading. Together they decide to book an appointment for an eye test. Asli helps Diane to arrange this online.

home care worker assists senior lady
home care worker communicates using smartphone

Asli updates Paul

After she is done with her tasks, Asli updates Paul using the messenger app on her smartphone. She tells him what household chores she has done that day and informs him of the eye test.

An extra informal caregiver

Paul responds quickly. He offers to take Diane to the optician and tells Asli that his son Bart has recently moved into the neighbourhood. Bart would like to help with the care for Diane, partly to spare his father a bit. Asli thinks this is a great idea and adds Bart to the group conversation about Diane’s care.

infomal caregiver and care worker communicate using chat app
informal caregivers care worker video calling

A productive meeting

Asli proposes to get acquainted soon, so that they can all discuss one another’s responsibilities and needs. Using the messenger, a date and time has been set in no-time. Paul can not be physically present that day, so he takes part using the video call functionality. The others meet at Diane’s place.


Healthcare professional

  • Collaborate more efficiently
  • Ability to provide better care
  • Always up to date

Patient / client

  • Well-coordinated care
  • Quality of care is consistent
  • Continuously informed


  • More efficient employees
  • Innovative image
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Higher revenue
  • Cost-saving

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