Chat with your website visitors

Charlotte and Martha

Charlotte suffers from rheumatic arthritis. She would like to start occupational therapy so she can perform her day to day tasks without putting too much stress on her joints. She had heard good things about a medical centre specialised in occupational therapy and checks out their website.

Charlotte does not like making phone calls – she considers sending an email, but then sees the web chat button at the bottom of the page. She decides to try it.

Martha is one of the receptionists at the medical centre. She keeps track of incoming chat requests.

Enter personal details

To ensure that the exchange of messages (and possibly personal data) will be 100% secure, the web chat button automatically asks for those personal details necessary to continue the conversation by means of the secure KPN Healthcare Messenger.

secure web chat tool
receptionist healthcare chatting

The reception is notified

Martha manages the shared reception account together with her co-workers. She sees that Charlotte has started a new chat by means of the web chat button. The system has already triggered the shared account to post an automated welcome message containing some basic information.

Charlotte makes an appointment

Charlotte tells Martha about the kind of help she is looking for. Based on Charlotte’s needs, Martha recommends her one of the occupational therapists available at the medical centre. They make an appointment for an initial interview.

chatting with receptionist
Conduct e-consultation and wrap it up

Finishing up

Charlotte has received the assistance she hoped for and Martha can now choose whether to close the chat or keep it open. At the medical centre they choose to keep web chat conversations open, so that people like Charlotte can easily contact the reception again in the future.



  • Divide workload amongst co-workers
  • Conduct multiple conversations at the same time
  • Automatically post welcome message
  • Option to start video call

Website visitor

  • Get in touch with the healthcare organisation more quickly
  • A choice of multiple contact channels
  • Certainty that communication is secure


  • The organisation is more accessible
  • More efficient employees
  • Innovative image
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Higher revenue

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