Remote assistance for paramedics

Felix and Martin

Felix is a paramedic. He has to provide urgent care quite often and sometimes he needs support from more specialized doctors – doctors like Martin. Earlier, Martin needed to be physically present in order to provide such support, but this can be difficult in acute cases or when there are staff shortages.

However, Martin can also support Felix using smart glasses, with our Glasses app. This app enables Felix to stream video of the actions he performs, while Martin will be able to watch the proceedings remotely.

This works as follows.

Complex urgent care

Felix has been called by the public-safety answering point – he and his colleague will need to go to the location of a traffic accident. Once they are there, they decide that certain care will need to given on the spot in order to guarantee a positive outcome. However, the actions they will need to perform are quite complex and Felix can use the input from a specialist.

paramedic treating patient
paramedic assistance smartphone

Felix asks Martin to assist him

Martin is working on call in case any paramedics need his help. Usually he would have had to be physically present to perform this duty, but now Felix can contact him through the messenger.

Martin responds from his office

Martin is at work in his office and sees Felix’ message. He starts by giving some pointers and advices Felix to stream the proceedings using a pair of smart glasses, so that he can watch along.

doctor in office chatting
paramedic using smart glasses

Using smart glasses for streaming

Felix streams his actions from beginning to end, while Martin watches and verbally provides him with guidance when necessary. This way, Felix is able to help his patient even better and afterwards Martin can quickly be available for other emergencies or appointments.


Healthcare professional

  • External specialists are more accessible
  • Ability to keep hands free while streaming
  • No need for specialists to be physically present all the time
  • Smooth workflow

Patient / client

  • Higher survival rate
  • Quicker solutions to most problems
  • External specialists are more accessible
  • Quality care despite possible understaffing


  • More efficient employees
  • Innovative image
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Higher revenue
  • Cost-saving

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