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Our white label communication platforms can also be used to provide website visitors with user-friendly webcare. Placing a live chat button on the company website does not only improve the customer experience, but also makes the company stand out from the competition.

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Availability live chat

User-friendly chat functionalities

The core of the live chat button is, of course, chatting. The chat functionalities are quick and easy to use and the website visitor can use smileys or share files if they wish to do so. The live chat can be started using a PC or mobile device and webcare teams can also use the device of their choice.

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Not every company will be available to chat 24/7. You can indicate via a schedule when your webcare team is available. You can also use timetable data from external software, using an API integration.

Customer satisfaction live chat

Add another team member

Is the webcare employee incapable of helping the customer further? They can easily ask the assistance of a more experienced team member or expert and add them to the conversation.

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colour themes

Colour themes

Companies can change the colours of the live chat button, much like they can change the colours of the entire communication platform. As such, they could choose to have the button match with the design of the website, or have it stand out more with a contrasting colour instead.

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Tone of voice

The live chat uses a few standard questions to initiate a conversation with the website visitor. Edit the text of these questions as desired to suit the tone of voice of the company.

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Live chat chatbots

Automate webcare with chatbots

When companies need to respond to large quantities of customer queries, it could save a lot of time ánd money to connect the live chat with a chatbot. Such a chatbot could, for example, ask basic questions and respond to certain queries or be linked to an FAQ. Whenever the chatbot cannot provide sufficient assistance, a webcare employee can be added to the conversation.

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Offer live chat on your white label platform

Would your company like to get started with their own white label communication platform and also offer live chat functionalities? Pop us a message, we would love to discuss your requirements!

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