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Introducing the Alterdesk healthcare messenger

Exchanging messages and files, video calling and a lot more – the Alterdesk healthcare messenger offers healthcare providers countless functionalities. While developing our messaging platform, we keep in touch with healthcare professionals to ensure that both old and new functionalities match the daily reality of the healthcare provider and the patient or client.

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The core: messaging

Exchange text and voice messages with ease, use a broad range of smileys for nuance and share large files (in any format!) in a heartbeat. Alterdesk enables you to share up to 1 GB worth of files per message, making external file sharing tools redundant.

Full control over your messages

Full control over your messages

You can delete your own messages at any time – this way, you maintain full control over your communication. You can also choose to use the ‘lifespan’ functionality to have a message be displayed for a specific amount of time only, after which it will automatically be deleted.

Intramural and extramural

You can exchange messages and files with your own team, but also with external contacts. This makes it very easy to add your patient or an external healthcare specialist to a conversation. Your team members will be listed under ‘Co-workers’, external healthcare providers under 'External contacts' and patients or clients under 'Private persons'.

Extramural healthcare communication
Seen by functionality

‘Seen by’

Thanks to the green ticks bottom right of your message, you will never have to wonder whether your message has been delivered and read. One green tick means that the message has been sent successfully – a second means that your message has been read. In group chats you can check each individual message to see which participants have read it.

Multi-device communication

Most healthcare professionals don’t spend their workdays behind a desk. That is why the Alterdesk messenger is available for desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones and wearables. This way you can send and receive messages wherever you are.

Multi-device communication
Video calling

Video calling

You can start video calls straight from an existing Alterdesk conversation, using any device. This is ideal for, for example, remote patient monitoring and conducting meetings with professionals working in other locations.

Do you want to know more? Visit our video calling page.

Use smart glasses to stream

Our video call functionality can also be used in combination with our smart glasses app. This way, healthcare professionals can perform complex actions (such as surgeries or wound care) while streaming video handsfree, by means of a pair of smart glasses.

Download the Alterdesk Glasses app.

stream video smart glasses
Messenger NEN7510

Secure messaging

All communication is sent and stored securely (according to the HIPAA norm). We use encryption keys, firewalls, intrusion detection and intrusion prevention systems to ensure maximum security. Besides this, the messenger is developed and hosted in the Netherlands. As such, sent data does never fall under foreign legislation.


Healthcare chatbots are ideally suited to assist both healthcare professionals and patients. Think of, for example, chatbots that can send reminders for things such as measuring blood pressure or taking medication, or chatbots that can easily access medical databases to find the information you need in a heartbeat. Alterdesk allows you to build chatbots that suit your needs.

Healthcare chatbots
End-to-end encryption

End-to-end encryption

Alterdesk also supports end-to-end encryption by ways of our so-called ‘hyper secure’ chats, for which we use technology based on the Signal protocol.

Coming soon!

Shared accounts for optimal service

Have multiple team members share one account to provide service to patients / clients in shifts. This way, there is always someone available to answer questions.

Shared accounts for optimal service
Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication

For an extra layer of security, you can choose to switch on two-factor authentication. This means that you log in with your username, password and an authentication code (generated by, for example, the Google Authenticator app).

Single Sign-On / ADFS

Single Sign-On is ideal for large organisations: it enables you to provide team members with access to the Alterdesk messenger without having to go through the registration process. It is a lot easier to keep track of your account management this way, which leads to cost reduction and improved security.

Single Sign On messenger
Download conversations

Download conversations

Are you busy preparing a meeting or bringing your communication archives up to date? All Alterdesk conversations can easily be downloaded as a PDF file, ready to be stored or printed. You can also choose to download conversations including attached files as a ZIP-file.

Company settings

You can easily manage the user accounts that fall under your company account by means of the company settings. You will also find many advanced settings here, such as whether your team will be obliged to use two factor authentication or a pin on mobile devices.

Company Settings


When it is important that all messenger communication is made available in other software (such as an EHR or ECR), having to transfer all data manually would be a waste of time. It is possible to automate this process by integrating our messenger into other software by means of our API. To realize such integrations, we often collaborate with integration-specialists such as Copernicus.

Show your colors

Green is, of course, a lovely color, but perhaps you would like your team to use a messenger in your organisation’s colors – that can be arranged! Choose your colors via the company settings.


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The features mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg – our secure messenger can do so much more.

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