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The Alterdesk platform

Exchanging messages and files, video calling and a lot more – the Alterdesk platform offers countless functionalities, all of which you will be able to market as your very own product. While developing our white label platform, we keep in touch with all kinds of professionals to ensure that both old and new functionalities match the daily reality of professionals and their clients.

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White label software


Exchange text and voice messages with ease, use a broad range of emoticons and share large files (in any format!) in a heartbeat. Alterdesk enables you to share up to 1 GB worth of files per message, making external file sharing tools redundant.

White label messenger on smartphones
Video calling

Video calling

You can start video calls straight from an existing Alterdesk conversation, using any device. This is ideal for, for example, conducting meetings with professionals working at other locations or providing e-consultation services. You can also share your screen with your interlocutor(s).

For your own platform you can choose between peer-to-peer or mixed video.

Multi-device communication

Every professional has his or her own preferred ways to communicate. Some spend their day behind a desk, others stay in the loop using tablets or smartphones. That is why the Alterdesk platform is available for desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones and even wearables. All communication is automatically synchronised, so you can easily switch between devices.

Multi-device communication
stream video smart glasses

Use smart glasses to stream

Our video call functionality can also be used in combination with our smart glasses app. This way, professionals can perform complex actions while streaming video handsfree to their co-workers or other external specialists.

Identity verification

Will the users of your platform need to be able to verify the identity of their interlocutor(s)? The Alterdesk platform offers identity verification functionalities specifically for this purpose.

Identity verification
Fully equipped company accounts

Fully equipped company accounts

Besides all the functionalities mentioned above, each company account is also equipped with its very own admin console, an Active Directory Sync, Single Sign-On (ADFS) and a theme engine. This way, company admins can easily manage and configure the platform as they wish (within the constraints set by you, the platform owner).

Chatbot Gateway

Chatbots are ideally suited to assist both professionals and their clients. Think of, for example, chatbots that can quickly perform a series of actions in our platform based on your input, or chatbots that can easily access professional databases to find the information you need in a heartbeat. Alterdesk allows you to build chatbots that suit your needs.

Chatbots communication platform
Live chat website

Chat with website visitors

By embedding a live chat button on their website, companies can easily provide webcare to their website visitors. The button is linked to the company account on your white label platform, so that webcare teams can provide service straight from this company account.

Discover the possibilities of the live chat button for webcare.


Host your platform in the way you prefer: in the Cloud, in a Private Cloud or On-Premise, with the hosting provider of your choice. If you are not certain what kind of hosting would be most suitable for you, do call on us to advise you. If you wish, we can even refer you to one of our preferred hosting companies.

White label hosting
End-to-end encryption


In order to ensure all communication on our platform is secure, we use encryption in transit and at rest, firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems and identity verification. Alterdesk also supports end-to-end encryption by ways of our so-called ‘hyper secure’ chats, for which we use technology based on the well-known Signal protocol.


When it is important that all communication is made available in other software (such as a CRM or EHR), having to transfer all data manually would be a waste of time. It is possible to automate this process by integrating our platform into other software by means of our REST APIs and Realtime APIs.

White label platform management

Platform management

Your platform, your rules. Each white label partner is provided with its very own admin panel with a subscription engine, which you can use to manage your platform settings, subscriptions, users and much more. You can also give your resellers access to the reseller panel that belongs to your platform, so that they can manage their own customers. The admin panel and the reseller panel have their own REST APIs available to automate processes with ease.

The possibilities are endless…

The features mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg. Tell us what you need and we would love to discuss how we can have your very own communication platform up and running in no-time.

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