Is a white label communication platform suited for my company?

Our platform is suited for a variety of branches and businesses and the concept is mainly aimed at larger companies with a large (potential) number of users. Experience has taught us that, for example, telecom companies, branch organisations and software companies are ideally suited for marketing their own communication platform.

In what ways does Alterdesk differ from other white label communication platforms?

Alterdesk distinguishes itself on multiple levels. We offer our customers a true multi-device platform, enabling synchronous communication across our apps for Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android and wearables. Also, we offer a wide range of additional functionalities besides messaging and video calling, such as identity verification, web chat buttons, video streaming using smart glasses and the option to deploy chat bots.

Wouldn’t it be better if I built my own platform?

You could do that, if you have the time, money and manpower to do so. Even so, we have noticed that companies tend to underestimate the complexities involved in building a solid, secure communication platform. Our platform was launched in 2013 and has been continuously optimised based on feedback from our customers, our own experiences and technological innovation. You could go and reinvent this wheel yourself, or you could contact us.

To what extent would I be able to configure my platform?

You will be provided with a platform in the colours and branding of your company, just as you like it. You will also receive an administrator panel in which you can configure further platform-wide settings (think of things like setting subscription levels and rights, switching functionalities on and off, editing system mailings and configuring your reseller panel).

Will I need developer accounts for Apple and Google?

Yes, both Apple and Google require you to have developer accounts if you wish to publish your own apps. However, we have done this plenty of times and will gladly help you on your way. Our team will also assist you with the publication of your very own apps.

Where will my platform be hosted?

Each market has its own preferences and requirements when it comes to hosting – that is why we have chosen to allow our customers to choose whether they would like to host their platform in the Cloud, in a Private Cloud or On-Premise. We will then collaborate with the hosting party of your choice to launch your platform as quickly as possible. If you have no strong preference for a specific hosting party, we will advise you and, if you wish, refer you to one of our preferred hosting companies, such as AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure.

Is your platform suited for companies handling privacy-sensitive data?

Definitely. Security is one of the core principles of our platform. We already have successful white label partners in, for example, healthcare and finance. The security of our platform has also been tested by the independent security specialists at Deloitte.

How will my platform be maintained and updated?

We will handle all updates and bug fixes. We also make the managing of your platform as easy as possible – with an administrator panel and a reseller panel and corresponding API’s you will be able to automate tons of processes.

I would love to integrate my platform into my company software. Is this possible?

Certainly. We have a broad range of Realtime API’s, enabling our partners to create integrations swiftly and effectively. Do tell us what kind of integration you need and we can advise you on how to make this happen.

I do not want a white label platform, is there a way I can still use your secure messaging functionalities?

We have white label partners in several markets – contact us and we will refer you to the partner that would suit your market and needs.

What does an Alterdesk communication platform cost?

The costs depend on multiple factors, such as the expected amount of users and the functionalities you wish to offer them. Feel free to contact us so that we can give you an indication. One thing to consider though: generally speaking, white label solutions such as ours are not suited for small companies with a tiny amount of users.