Alterdesk launches exciting update: video calls for web and Android

Alkmaar – the Netherlands, 30th of March 2015: The Dutch company Alterdesk has added video conferencing functionalities to their team messenger service.

The Dutch team messenger Alterdesk now offers the functionality to start video calls from within their web and Android applications. A great update for their growing group of professional users – with functionalities like video calling more and more external services will become obsolete.

Video calling is ideal for users who wish to continue chat conversations with their co-workers verbally, via Alterdesk. At the press of a button users can start a video call within existing conversations.

When you are collaborating on a project with a couple of team members, you can even have multiple people participate in the same video call. This way, you can easily start an impromptu meeting with colleagues working at other locations.

Niels Greidanus, founder of Alterdesk, is excited. “The video call functionality is a great addition to the total package of possibilities Alterdesk has to offer. Now you can easily have face to face contact with team members at different locations. It also makes many other tools used to conduct remote meetings obsolete.”

Alterdesk has been launched at the beginning of this year and has quickly garnered quite some publicity because of how their innovative functionalities benefit business communication. Multi-device communication with your entire team has never before been this easy and secure. The video call update for web and Android shows that Alterdesk is eagerly making use of all the technological possibilities our time has to offer to keep improving their messenger service.

According to Greidanus, his team of developers has a lot more in store for the thousands of enthusiastic Alterdesk users: “We want to make sure that Alterdesk is the best messenger solution for teams and that this remains so. This means that we will always have to keep a critical and innovative perspective on our functionalities. We’re just getting started!”

Would you like to try Alterdesk? Create an account for free and invite your co-workers!

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