Alkmaar-based company launches ‘business WhatsApp’

The end of extended email conversations and cc-culture

Alkmaar, 20 November 2014 — Today, Alterdesk, a company based in Alkmaar, the Netherlands, has launched a free messenger of identical name. Alterdesk business messenger allows users to chat business, share large files and collaborate on projects. The application can be used on tablets and telephones as well as on desktop computers. It also works on new devices such as Google Glass.

To the point communication

Within existing 'messengers', such as WhatsApp, it's customary to keep communications short and sweet, unlike with email, which involves extensive email conversations with disclaimers, CC's and signatures, making it difficult to quickly assess the relevance of a communication. Founder Niels Greidanus; ‘For the younger working generation, sending emails is no longer as self-evident as it once was. Email is already 40 years old, and is often found to be too formal and cumbersome. Employees spend an average of 2 hours per day processing emails by date of arrival, whereas with Alterdesk you work project-based, which allows for faster and more efficient collaboration.

Competition with Facebook

Facebook has also announced this week the development of software for the office. However, this software will need to be implemented centrally within a company, bringing with it all of the necessary costs and implementation processes. Alterdesk is easily accessible and is suitable for internal communication as well as for collaborating on group projects with outside business contacts. It also allows employees to decide for themselves whether they would like to use it. Furthermore, the application makes a distinction between business contacts and colleagues. Greidanus; ‘Files are securely archived. We are a small and versatile company, yet we are fully capable of competing with parties such as Facebook. Furthermore, because you can share so many types of files, with a maximum size of 100MB per file, or a maximum size of 1GB per message, individual services such as Dropbox or Wetransfer become obselete when using our service.

Retract and remove confidential documents

The sender can specify whether a message or document is automatically removed after a certain amount of time. This can be useful in communications regarding confidential projects.The sender can also retract a sent message or document so that it is immediately removed, in contrast to an email, which once opened, can be permanently viewed by its recipient. ‘In a business environment, it is essential that documents be sent in a secure and encrypted manner, and that they can be removed whenever necessary,

About Alterdesk

Alterdesk, founded in 2013 by Niels Greidanus, has 9 employees and is headquartered in Alkmaar, the Netherlands. The developers, programmers, and designers work daily to improve the best business messenger. In addition, the latest technologies are used and all supporting processes are automated as much as possible. In order to meet the strict security requirements necessary for business communication, the business messenger is being provided straight from the cloud.

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