Our expertise lies in the development of our messaging platform and we like to focus on the things we do best. That is why we are always interested in collaborations with (commercial) parties who believe in the potential of our messenger as much as we do.

For what kinds of partnerships can you reach out to us?

Our core activity is the optimization and marketing of our white label messaging platform. In that capacity, we collaborate with different parties (such as KPN, E-Zorg, Ascom and Galaxy). Should your organization be interested in a similar messenger with their very own branding without having to go through the years needed to develop such a product, we would love to get in touch.

Besides, we also enter partnerships with commercial agents who help us to market our messenger within the Netherlands and the rest of Europe (our ambitions are high). To this end, we are looking for parties with a proven track record when it comes to marketing IT solutions like ours.


If the possibilities of the Alterdesk messenger have aroused your interests and you wonder about what we can offer our partners, we would very much like to meet with you to see how a collaboration can strengthen both parties.

Tell us a little bit about your company and your ideas for working with us through our contact form. You’ll hear from us soon afterwards!

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