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White label software for secure communication

Developing your very own communication software can be a costly, lengthy and complicated endeavour. You will need a skilled team of developers, funds and a lot of patience… Allow Alterdesk to take care of the complicated bits and bytes, so that you can focus on expanding your business with a new, innovative solution that your clients will love: a secure, user-friendly communication platform, flying your company colours.

An out of the box solution

You can have your own communication platform up and running in no-time and start to grow your revenue. Set up subscription levels, decide on your own pricing model, make API integrations and monitor registrations with ease – the platform is fully equipped with everything you and your resellers need to make it successful.

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Your colours, your image

The platform will be delivered in your company colours, with your logo. To all intents and purposes, it will be YOUR communication platform. Strengthen your image, expand your product portfolio and build on the client trust and knowledge of your market you have accrued so far.

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On-going innovation

Secure, multi-device OTT messaging, video calling and file sharing is the foundation of the Alterdesk platform. While we continue to optimise these functionalities, we also dedicate our time and resources to continued innovation, to the benefit of our white label partners. Recent developments included the implementation of chat bots and video streaming by means of smart glasses.

Smart glasses for white label platform

Cloud, Private Cloud or On-Premise

You will have full control over your hosting, whether you prefer Cloud-based hosting or On-Premise. Simply choose the hosting party you wish to work with and we will collaborate with them to launch your platform. Not sure what kind of hosting you prefer? We can inform you on our preferred hosting partners.

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Smart API integrations

Your organisation can also choose to integrate our innovative OTT messaging and video call functionalities into its own software by means of our complete set of Realtime APIs and fully operational messaging clients for iOS, Android, Web, desktops and wearables. Working with Alterdesk enables you to enrich your software without having to invest into developing your own communication functionalities.

White label API integration

Go to market now!

Awareness about information security is at an all-time high. The time is now to bring your clients what they want and need: a secure, innovative, user-friendly communication platform. We have been building and optimising our platform since 2013 – do not waste time and energy re-inventing the wheel but reap the benefits of our tried-and-true solution.

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